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BRAND NEWย Kin of Merlin Music Video JUST DROPPED!!
"West Coast Love"

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We just released another project surprise style for the Summer Solstice over on our Bandcamp.

This song project was crafted AND released in less than 24 hours with the Krew!! The single is named: "Soulstice", & features Awen Paladin Emcees: Emily Ra, Dan O, Nature's Apprentice, ELAmental, Rhymewave, & Jasper Jade.

Instrumental crafted by: Anno Domini.
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by:ย ELAmental.

You may also press play at the bottom of this page to listen.

"Soulstice" by: Kin of Merlin

NEW Single Release

Album Now Live on ALL Platforms

Part 1 of Kin of Merlin's Debut DOuble LP: Axis of Mythic Imaginiation

Secret Release Date for Full Album... sometime in April
Your clue on the exact date: "Word to the Wise".

APRIL FOOLS!!! - The ALBUM IS OUT NOW!! As of April 1st, 2023.

Cover Art created with artwork, โ€œStarhengeโ€ by: Karro Moss. ยฉ2022.


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