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New Kin Song for Peace & Protection

feat: ELAmental, Emily Ra, & Sol Disciple

In a world filled with conflict in the air, we rise with a Breath of Fresh Peace, calling in the Angel's Protection. A prayer of forgiveness and relief for all those suffering under the tyrannical oppression of the beast. Be the change, find the freedom, withdraw support from those that feed the demonic feast on defenseless resources and meet humanity half way, to find that which has strayed... our True purpose, to flourish as Earth's essential nourishment. We are here for each other, & sending blessings to our furthest Kin in search of this - we are your others.

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New Kin drop with Illuminati Congo

"Keep it on the Low"

Forged in the Sun-Fire-Flames of Mexico, if there is anything we've learned as west coast roamers, you gotta KEEP IT ON THE LOW! Prepare for our contradicting expression in this BANGER! With lyrics that tell how to hide the gold, and instrumental energy that's gonna have you explodin!

This is Kin of Merlin 's 1st collab with Illuminati Congo, also featuring Rhymewave, Sol Disciple, & ELAmental.


Kin of Merlin Productions ™
Self Owned Souls Records ™
© 2024 all rights reserved

1st Single from "Axis of Mythic Imagination {Part II}"

featuring 8 Artists!!

A TRUE Kin of Merlin group release, representing the results of our first ever studio collab day together, and a teaser track for our upcoming album: Axis of Mythic Imagination {Part II}.

Featuring EIGHT Emcees: Nature's Apprentice (aka Bobby FKN White), ELAmental, Dan O, Odd Goggie, Rhymewave, Adam Cedar, SoCoLo, & Lady Hyssop.

Kin of Merlin Productions ™
Self Owned Souls Records ™
© 2024 all rights reserved
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Check out our 2nd Kin of Merlin Music Video:
"West Coast Love"

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We just released another project surprise style for the Summer Solstice over on our Bandcamp.

This song project was crafted AND released in less than 24 hours with the Krew!! The single is named: "Soulstice", & features Awen Paladin Emcees: Emily Ra, Dan O, Nature's Apprentice, ELAmental, Rhymewave, & Jasper Jade.

Instrumental crafted by: Anno Domini.
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by: ELAmental.

You may also press play at the bottom of this page to listen.

"Soulstice" by: Kin of Merlin

NEW Single Release


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